Friday, February 18, 2005

Glad to be back

This past weekend was quite an experience. It was definitely a whirlwind experience, but a fun one too. This was my first time on national tv and it was awesome. I am surprised that I was not nervous. It was very emotional when I saw Alecia and Jerrod but excited, too.
I just got to see the video and it was a hoot!! I think I have watched it a few times. I see something new each time.
We were treated like royalty, everyone was so nice. It was a wonderful experience but a very tiring one. We were picked up in a limo and then escorted to the show in a Lincoln (Nice!!!!)
Well, since this keyboard is acting up again, I think I'll close for now.
We had a great time. So glad we had the opportunity.


Blogger Bobbie Jo said...

Wow, being picked up in a limo. I'm sure you would have much rather gone on a cow-driven carriage, but a limo ride is a close second.

7:48 PM  
Blogger A-Whit said...

Dad, I think you're cursed... computer cursed. You can't even write about our perfect weekend without a glitch. Maybe you've hurt the computer's feelings over the years. It could have overheard, "I hate these things." or "This computer is junk." or "I'd rather just write a letter than email - the computer is too impersonal." Dad, I suggest apologizing - rekindling the relationship - just give it a go! Hey, it can't hurt. And maybe you'll be able to use the "blasted thing" without a hang-up next time. I love you!

10:05 AM  

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