Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Matt & I love to golf--sometimes we even keep score

I guess it started back when Matt was in High School and took an interest in playing golf. We had already gone thru fishing and that was a lot of fun. So, what the heck, why not try this golf thing? Matt had already been with his buddys a few times and was always practicing his swing in the great room. I could just that golf club going thru the $400 windows, but alas, it did not.
I have to say that I have had just about as much fun golfing with him as I have at anything. He is an excellent teacher, very patient, watching my mistakes so I could correct them--keep your head down,--keep your eye on the ball,--I think you bent your wrist on that shot--and on and on. I have improved, but we go so seldom that I have to be retrained each time!!
Just being out in the sunshine and having fun, that's what it is all about. We don't get mad and wrap the clubs around a tree or anything. We just laugh and say "Got another ball?" Or over the water hazard" You're wet--Got another ball?" It's really a hoot to watch us play. Sometimes I want to go to Scotland where I understand it started. Probably pass on the kilts but play on the course where you make you own tee with wet sand that is available. I think that would be neat!!
We've played on courses where the rough was grass/weeds about a foot high, on a course with no grass, at all, one with frost on it at 5:30am that was covered with pararrie dogs when the sun came out and one near a horse stable with a thousand flies, just to name a few.
We are dedicated, we've played in the rain and in the fog(FORE!!! has a whole new meaning when you are in the fog!) We've played back East and out West and down South. It has always been fun. Of course anyone who knows Matt knows what a jokester he is--aways coming off with something like the exploding golf ball or the ball that when you putt it, it will wabble or stop and roll back toward you--you know how he is!!
Playing 18 holes of golf--$25
Breaking of the head off a # 4 iron--$15
A beautiful day on the course with my son---Priceless!!!


Blogger Bobbie Jo said...

You're a great writer dad and obviously a better learner than I was. Matt tried to teach me how to play...once. I was so horrible that there really wasn't a need to continue.

8:57 PM  
Blogger A-Whit said...

Dad, I'm starting a piggy bank. I'd give ANYTHING to see my father and my brother doing a little male bonding... wearing skirts!!!! With those Whitaker legs basking in the sunshine on a beautiful Scotland countryside, you'd have to beat the lassies off with your clubs!!!

10:17 PM  
Blogger DAD-WHIT said...

Yes, Alecia I knew that you would key in on the "kilt" comment. I just smiled and said to myself "I can read that girl's mind!" Hope all enjoy it and if I had more time' (as in retired), I could write more.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

We sure have had some fun on the golf course. Sometimes our clubs have gone farther than the ball, other times we've hit some incredible(er, incredibly lucky)shots, and we always incorporate fishing into our golf game(for balls). I'm so glad we've been able to spend time together on the course. Looking forward to our next outing, Dad.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

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9:19 AM  
Blogger A-Whit said...

Dad, should I have posted my comment twice? Or is this Matt's way of letting us all know that this story was all about him? Some people will do anything for attention, I tell ya.

11:01 PM  
Blogger DAD-WHIT said...

Oh, you kids are such a hoot. I love it. It really makes my day to have a good laugh in the morning. Keep it coming!!!

4:27 AM  

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