Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why me?

Yes, that's right!!! I have been outwitted by this blasted machine again!! First it eats my blog and I call in the chief mechanic (Mom) for back-up. Can't be found. Sorry. Well, I'm fit to be tied. So it lets me take out my fustrations in another dumb blog only to regurgitate my original (Matt/golf) to make me feel sorry for it!! Mr. Computer--I apologize--(but I still don't like you)


Blogger A-Whit said...

Dad, I just went through the same frustrations. When I was getting TONS of fan email after the Ellen Show, I was replying to them but kept getting "Page Cannot Be Displayed" instead of the usual "Message Sent". So, I kept resending it until I got the right page. But I think that the page that can't be displayed is actually one and the same as the message sent page... so, just cross your fingers and hope that's the case. YOUR KIDS LOVE YOUR WRITING... DON'T GET DISCOURAGED!!!!

10:20 PM  
Blogger Stud said...

I often used to experience the same frustrations. I would spend about a half hour preparing addresses on email to send to my mother (Shoe business) and then my computer would lock up.
Go to your word processer and type your blog entry on that. Save your work. Then cut and paste to the blog spot. If you get the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" messgage, then no worries you still have a copy saved.
Have your better half give you a lesson on this procedure, or next time I am up I will.

Best regards,
Favorite Son-in-law

10:38 PM  
Blogger momma-whit said...

With your luck at computers, and the most recent episodes, I can't wait until you start taking that blackboard class, and I'm the teacher. Looks like a lot of patience will need to be practiced by me.

It will truly be a labor of love--but I'm glad to do it. It will certainly add a new dimension to our relationship.

6:00 AM  

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