Friday, April 15, 2005

Memory--bits and pieces

Every now and then I start to remember days gone by and the exciting and fun things I got to do just for being a Dad. I chuckle to myself and think "That would make a great blog" and then it leaves me as fast ice on a hot August day. I still remember bits and pieces but somehow they just don't always go together.
Ex. Matt, myself and Jeff Sparks were fishing at Uncle Jeff's lake one cold rainy day and nothing was biting. For some strange reason that has left me, Matt and I left while Jeff stayed to fish. I distinctly remember driving down the highway and looking down at the lake--and at Jeff huddled up from the cold and rain soaked to the bone. Why on earth would we leave him that way? I really feel bad about it but I also remember that Matt and I laughed out loud as we drove by. Oh well, he's probably a better person for it!

But occasionally I have a thought that does not leave entirely. One would be the night that I was coming back into the house at about 2 am from the shop. Why was I doing out in the shop at 2 am? Probably 3rd shift and trying to stay on the same routine. Anyway as I start to go in the house I look up and see the stars of the Big Dipper. Alecia and I use to look for the Big Dipper at night and I immediately thought--I wonder if she can see the Big Dipper up in Duluth? (but she had better not be up at 2 am doing it) A few days later she called and said that she and a friend were out walking and looked up to see the Big Dipper and she told the friend about our sky watch. When I asked her what day she saw it, I knew it was the same night. So far and in a way so near--Kinda puts a lump in your throat.

And who can forget the great sleigh ride down the hills of Terry and Donna Levi's farm. It was picture perfect. Plenty of snow and easy to pack down. Bobbie Jo was in grade school--maybe- and the hill was rather steep. Matt was older but still needed a parents watchful eye. There was a small gulley at the bottom of the hill so I positioned myself in front of it. Why did we build the track down the hill leading to a gulley in the first place? Oh, well. I had caught both Matt and Bobbie Jo a couple times but just as Bobbie Jo was making a final trip down the hill, Matt decide to ride down in the loose snow off to my left. As I took my eyes off Bobbie Jo for an instant to check on Matt, the sled and Bobbie Jo went whizzing by just inches from my nimble fingers and into the gulley. As I looked around, I saw the sled almost vertical and Bobbie Jo's feet up in the air. I think there may have been a look of horror on her face also. We were there all afternoon and this is all I remember.

Even with the memory lapses, it's great to be a Dad!!


Blogger momma-whit said...

I remember you telling about these stories, particularly the sledding one with Bobbie Jo going into the gulley. I don't believe I was too happy when I heard that one. After all, my baby girl could have been hurt. Now the question is where would the responsibility lie if she had been hurt? Would it be on Dad because he took his eyes off Bobbie Jo, or on Matt because he decided to strike out on his own instead of waiting. Hummmm! Just kidding, it obviously would have been an accident. It's nice to have family memories.

8:23 AM  
Blogger A-Whit said...

Why is it that every time somebody tells a story about Bobbie Jo almost getting hurt, I can't stop laughing? I have tears in my eyes!

11:07 PM  
Blogger Bobbie Jo said...

I remember that story quite vividly. To think that my own father would have let me persish in this HUGE gulley. Why, if it wasn't for my world-renowned agility I don't think I would have survived.
But regardless, I'm glad you brought that memory up. I got a good laugh,(even though I'm in the library and I got a stern look from the librarian) and it was just a great start to the day.

5:57 AM  
Blogger DAD-WHIT said...

Okay, Okay. Let's make sure the facts are straight. The HUGE gulley was only 24" wide and only about 12 " deep! HUGE? You decide.
But it was still a hoot as I see it in my memory!!

9:22 PM  
Blogger A-Whit said...

As long as we're clearing up the facts, let's go ahead and justify that Bobbie Jo's self-proclaimed "world renowned agility" is a fantasy that she lives out in her own head... unable to coordinate it with any other part of her body.

10:27 PM  

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